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I use this web space as an aid to myself and - I hope - to others. When I find interesting facts or good resources, I put them here so I can find them again easily, and direct you to them as well. Here you can find information about faith and family, as well as links to the law, adult guardianship, mental health issues, and other information.

By using this site, you agree to the terms of the disclaimer.

Virginia Advance Directive Registry Operational!

This links to a site which permits Virginians to store Advanced Health Care Directives, Health Care Powers of Attorney, Declarations of Anatomical Gift, and other documents for medical providers, emergency responders, family members, etc. This will help to assure that their wishes will be respected.

Valuable Virginia Real Estate and Tangible Personal Property Offered for Sale at Medicaid Required Values!

Laws (statutes) relating to wills, trusts, powers of attorney (see below), guardianship, etc., have been collected at Title 64.2 of the Virginia Code.  Links to important provisions for many readers of this site (many with outlines) are highlighted):

Chapter 2 Descent and Distribution (64.2-200 thru 64.2-206) [People dying without a will]
Chapter 4 Wills (64.2-400 thru 64.2-458)
Chapter 5 Personal Representatives and Administration of Estates (64.2-500 thru 64.2-558)
Chapter 6 Transfers Without Qualification (64.2-600 thru 64.2-620)
Chapter 7 Uniform Trust Code (64.2-700 thru 64.2-808)
Chapter 9 Uniform Custodial Trust Act (64.2-900 thru 64.2-918)
Chapter 12 Commissioners of Accounts. (64.2-1200 thru 64.2-1222)
Chapter 13 Inventories and Accounts. (64.2-1300 thru 64.2-1317)
Chapter 14 Fiduciaries Generally (64.2-1400 thru 64.2-1432)
Chapter 16 Uniform Power of Attorney Act (64.2-1600 thru 64.2-1642)
Chapter 17 Appointment of Guardian. (64.2-1700 thru 64.2-1706) [For minors]
Chapter 18 Custody and Care of Ward and Estate. (64.2-1800 thru 64.2-1806)[For minors]
Chapter 19 Virginia Uniform Transfers to Minors Act. (64.2-1900 thru 64.2-1922)
Chapter 20 Guardianship and Conservatorship (64.2-2000 thru 64.2-2029)[For adults]
Chapter 21 Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act (64.2-2100 thru 64.2-2120)
Chapter 22 Uniform Simultaneous Death Act (64.2-2200 thru 64.2-2208)
Chapter 24 Conservators of Property of Absentees (64.2-2400 thru 64.2-2404)
Chapter 25 Acts Barring Property Rights (64.2-2500 thru 64.2-2511)
Chapter 26 Uniform Disclaimer of Property Interests Act (64.2-2600 thru 64.2-2614)
Chapter 27 Release of Powers of Appointment (64.2-2700 thru 64.2-2704)


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